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Trytech Dye Penetrant Kit launching

After huge expectations generated during recent months Trytech is pleased to announce the launch of its Dye Penetrant Kit. This interesting Kit it is composed by three products: Cleaner, Red Dye and Developer, being the name of this test known as “Penetrant Inspection by Color Contrast”, classified as a Non Destructive Essay (NDE), which main function is to detect cracks and discontinuities in nonporous materials.

This essay is critical to analyze the quality on materials or welding before its implementation or for control and maintenance.

The basis that explains this Kit operation is the Physical Principle of Capillarity, enunciating that due to the low surface tension of the Dye, it can penetrate into small imperfections, conferring to the essay an extraordinary sensibility that will enable to detect discontinuities up to a micron (millionth part of 1 millimeter).

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