MISSION: To be the leader company in providing integral solutions in the field of industrial maintenance, working to continuously develop products of the highest quality at a fair price and providing assistance to the most diverse sectors of the industrial activity, being our customers a faithful shown of our vocation to be the first throughout the world, constantly improving our production processes and being aware of the protection of the environment.


VISION: to develop in the medium term as a major player nationally and internationally, with our brand and products available in different parts of the world.





Integrity: Behave in an honest and responsible way in all our structure.


Respect: Work courteously with all our customers and the public with whom we interact, accepting with humility our virtues and focusing our strength and effort on improving our weaknesses.


Reliability: Offer our customers the assurance that we will reach them with the products of the highest quality at prices according to their capabilities, contributing to the normal operation of their plants, and creating sustainable business relationships over time.


Commitment: Work to progress continuously, developing the full potential of our human and material resources to satisfy our customers.


Efficiency: Provide the best solutions to satisfy the needs right in place and in the shortest time possible.


Proactivity: Be anticipated and prepared for market incentives to be able to work in a harmoniously and strategic way.